Dig deep within yourself, discover what is holding you back, and take the next steps in creating the business and life you want.

You deserve the time and tools to get some clarity, but making that space for yourself isn’t always easy. We invite you to hit pause and join us for a 2-day retreat: an inclusive and uplifting experience for women entrepreneurs to get real about the possibilities and challenges of building your business and leading your life with both practical tools and the space to fully express yourself.

January 26th & 27th, 2024

St. Louis, MO.

At The Work Retreat, you'll discover… 

  • More motivation and an ignited and aligned sense of purpose.

  • Idea-validation and self-reflection

  • Practical branding and marketing strategies

  • Direct personalized think-tank style feedback 

  • A network of supportive women entrepreneurs you can lean on. 

  • Mentorship and coaching from Molly Grisham and Lauren V. Davis

  • Clarity on your individual next steps––no one-size-fits-all approach.

If you have been feeling … 

  • Creatively isolated

  • Craving community and mentorship

  • Stuck within limiting beliefs

  • Wanting guidance on branding, finances, marketing and social media

We invite you to attend the 2024 Work Retreat!

Let's take a look back at Past retreats:

The conversation was rich during our Thursday night mixer as new relationships were being formed!

Participants were given time to do some self-reflection and journaling during one of Molly's sessions.

We made the most of every minute together, including some late-night dinners off-site. You will be well-fed!


The Dates:

January 26th & 27th (Friday & Saturday) with an optional pre-workshop get-to-know-you mixer on Thursday night.


Midtown in St. Louis, MO


The cost is on a sliding scale. We respect that participants will be at different stages in their entrepreneurship journey! You can select from three price points. We suggest:

  • $499 for individuals who are just getting started.

  • $649 for individuals who have been working on their business or project for one to three years.

  • $799 for individuals who have been running their business or project for more than three years.

What you pay will be confidential and will not affect the value of your experience. You will simply tell us what price point you are selecting, and we will invoice you.

The cost of the event includes:

  • Your registration fee.

  • Pre-retreat get-to-know-you mixer the night before the retreat.

  • Catered local lunch, coffee, tea, and snacks on both days.

  • Two full days of personal and professional growth!

Lauren, leading the group through a branding exercise!

Please note:

*You will need to secure housing during the event. We will provide you with Airbnb and hotel ideas and can help you find a roommate if that is of interest to you! We recommend arriving on Thursday and leaving Sunday morning.

*Breakfast not included. We will have some snacks, but you will want to eat before you arrive.

Here are some testimonials From Past Retreats:

"The Work Retreat was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever been a part of. Molly really helps you open up and dig deep within yourself. I discovered where my fears were with opening a business and the things I needed to improve in myself. Lauren helped us with the practical side of owning a business and really helped me realize that I CAN do this! Nothing is as hard as it seems to be. You just have to do the next right thing."

Tori Bennett,

Owner of a Flower Shop

"Molly & Lauren are creating inclusive and uplifting spaces for female entrepreneurs to get real about the opportunities and challenges of running your own business. Their tools and knowledge give you ample takeaways, while their personality and empathy welcome honesty and vulnerability to come through in the discussions. Regardless of where you are in your professional, and even personal, journey, Lauren and Molly create an environment to help take you to the next level."

Candice Fabry,

Owner of Fearless and Capable

"One of the most eye-opening and thought-provoking, think-tank style collaborations I’ve ever been a part of. I would describe it as a people-centered business retreat without the stuffiness of the typical business event. It is a place where professional women at all different phases of their business come together to discover how similar they are in regard to their challenges and triumphs. Coupled with the help of two A+ facilitators, you will dig deep to determine which of those similarities are our launch pads and which ones hold us back."

Becky Carlson,

Owner of The Fearless Coach


  • We will bring women together who are committed to the process of growth and development.

  • We will utilize creative tools and process, as well as provide valuable content to help you take the next step.

  • We will share and enforce clear boundaries for the group.

  • We will celebrate your successes.

  • We will walk with you during your challenges.

  • We will provide prompt, punctual, and clear correspondence on all logistics.


Lauren Davis is the founder of Lauren Davis Creative, a marketing and branding consultancy that will help you create memorable personal branding messages that convert to engagement and life-long clients. The leadership and drive Lauren found building a brick-and-mortar record store in Rockford, IL taught her how to transform one-hit social media tactics into a personalized brand identity that drives legendary visibility. Today, she offers that support (and great music recommendations) for expert speakers, authors, and leaders around the world.

Lauren is a featured marketing expert in Reader’s Digest, Huffington Post, and on global top-rated podcasts. She also hosts The Real Personal Branding Podcast, a weekly show where she uncovers the secrets of personal brand building online from some of the top thought-leaders, speakers, authors, and coaches in the world.

After a long career in Higher Education, Molly Grisham left that industry to start her own business. She now works as an Experiential Facilitator and she helps groups with issues like team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution. She has firsthand knowledge of the road that an entrepreneur must walk. With nearly two decades of experience as a College Soccer Coach and Communication Professor, Molly approaches her work as an educator. She meets people where they are and helps them move to where they want to be.

Molly holds degrees in Communication from Belmont University, the University of Illinois, and Missouri State University.

Molly is down-to-earth and compels her audience to participate in the learning process. She engages groups from the moment she steps in front of them and leaves them with tools and processes that they will use long after an event has ended.

When not facilitating, Molly can be found at her favorite used bookstore and at various international restaurants in St. Louis.


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